How inStryde helped athletic trainers achieve a 43% reduction in athlete injury.

The Goal - Reduce the number of injuries in athletes

The job of an athletic trainer is to keep their athletes healthy and performing at their physical best, while staying within the ever-so-tight budget set by their athletic department. Dealing with lower body injuries throughout the season is part of the job, and the best way to reduce the impact of these injuries is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Foot orthotics are a common way to speed up recovery of an existing injury, but they're even better at reducing the risk of injury in the first place. However, although the risk of injury may be reduced, athletes tend not to like using foot orthotics because they're uncomfortable, don't fit well into their footwear, and they hinder performance.

The tool - instryde insoles

During the 2020 fall season, we partnered with a number of College and University athletic departments to pilot our new, state of the art 3d printed athletic insole - the inStryde. inStrydes are hyper-customized foot orthotics tuned specifically to each athlete's movement, footwear, current pain points, injury history, and sport. They are uniquely designed for the athlete's specific needs as well as the shoes they're going into - essentially making any shoe custom fit. Our remote fitting process allows for same-day fitting right in your training room - all that's needed is a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection

The result - a massive reduction in lower body injury

Working with 30 athletes with a history of lower-body injury, inStrydes reduced the number of injuries that occurred by 43% from their previous seasons. Additionally, a study done with a local University's Human Performance & Biomechanics Lab showed that inStrydes were the only foot orthotic that reduced peak pressure on the bottom of the foot - something that is heavily linked to increased risk of lower body injuries. Lastly, initial testing has shown that inStrydes conserve up to 7% more energy with every step when compared to stock insoles or competing foot orthotic products. With inStryde, athletes get the holy grail of performance enhancement and injury prevention.