Our Vendor Business Model

Sell Our
SmartCore Insoles
No Cost Upfront

We designed our business model so that you don't have to purchase inventory. That means no pre-paying for product, no boxes in storage, and more room on the floor.

1. Display Samples

We'll ship you a few samples to keep out on the floor. A great opportunity for some show-and-tell with your customers.

2. Make The Sale

Your customers will pre-pay for their custom insoles in your store and will be given a code that can be redeemed through our service for a pair of custom insoles.

3. Revenue Share

At the end of the month, we'll split the revenue generated from the SmartCore insole sales.

Your Customer's Journey After The Sale

4. Redeem Code

Your customer will go to our website and redeem their code for a pair of custom insoles.

5. Get Scanned

From there, they'll be walked through our SmartFit process where we'll scan their feet for perfect fitting insoles through their smartphone or tablet.

6. Receive Insoles

We'll 3d print their custom insoles and ship them right to their door in a matter of days.