How it Works

Design Your Pair

Choose from options like desired feel and what shoes you're planning to put them in.

Scan Your Feet At Home

All you need is your cell phone and 10 minutes. We'll also gather detailed information about your injury history and current pain points.

Your Orthotics Delivered

We'll design your custom inStryde foot orthotics and deliver them to your door within 10 business days.


Everything you need to know about inStryde foot orthotics. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our team.
Are these truly custom?
Yes! Your inStrydes are designed from the exact scans of your feet, for your specific foot health needs and specifications, making them truly custom only to you. Nothing is pre-made or off-the-shelf. You get the same professional process and medical-grade materials that we provide to Podiatrists, Physical Therapists, and Chiropractors in the orthotics industry.
What is your return / warranty / guarantee policy?
We understand orthotics are an important decision. We have a 30-day Money Back Guarantee if the fit isn’t just right.
How long will my inStryde foot orthotics last?
inStrydes typically last a minimum of 2-3 years.  The orthotics themselves can and do last longer in most cases, however, most specialists recommend a remold after this timeframe as our feet continually change.
Do you take insurance?
We are approved and set up to accept insurance FSA/HSA cards. We can also send a detailed invoice that may be used for reimbursement for those with HSA/FSA accounts. However, most insurance companies do not cover custom-made orthotics. If they do, they must be prescribed by a physician seen in person. Due to this, we do not currently work with any insurance companies.
How long does it take to receive my inStryde foot orthotics?
Once we receive your foot scan, we will design and build your inStrydes and have them on the way to you within 10 business days.
Where are my inStryde foot orthotics made?
Your inStrydes are made in the United States! Our manufacturing lab is located just outside Austin, TX.
Other questions?